We are Abbi and Callen Hearne, a husband and wife photography team living on the road as full-time #vanlifers. We're on a never-ending roadtrip around the western US chasing beautiful places and grand adventures! We specialize in outdoor weddings and thanks to our always-changing address (or lack thereof), we're not tied down to one location. We'll happily travel anywhere in the world and we even have a list of states that do not require travel charges. Check out our 2017 travel schedule here!

One of our favorite things about being wedding photographers is the connection we build with our clients. We go from being strangers meeting over coffee (or on FaceTime across the country) to close friends. We believe the best way to serve our clients is to go beyond the beautiful photographs and give them a meaningful experience.


certified skydiver // creative mastermind recovering couch potato

I've always loved photos. When I was younger, one of my favorite things to do was pull out my parents' wedding album and look through it slowly, imagining what they were thinking and feeling in each shot. I remember loving the formal photos because it was fun to see what they looked like, but my favorite photos were the few candid ones, one of my mom looking in the mirror nervously, another of my dad looking at her in adoration. Those are the photos that stick with me. As a wedding photographer, I know the importance of formal photos, and truly love taking them, but what really gets me is the candid moments that are captured and not created. My hope is to create photos that bring the viewer into that moment, whether it's full of love, laughter, or emotion.

I am a skydiver but not a daredevil, I love creating beautiful photos, and when it comes to the outdoors I'm naturally a couch potato but driven by adventure (and Cal forcing me up hills).

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adventure wedding photographer // abbi hearne
adventure wedding photographer // callen hearne


Jack of all trades // morale management MVP assistant photographer

I'll shoot you straight, photography found me. I grew up throwing together sub-par videos of skateboarding and homemade catapults, but photography wasn't a pursuit. I was always creative, and I was always outside, exploring, creating, and enjoying. Then I got my big break! Abbi booked our first wedding and informed me that I would be second shooting. I was stoked, cruised through some "How To Shoot Manual" Youtube tutorials, and basically fell in love with photography after totally nailing my audition with the 70-200mm lens. We've shot every wedding together and nearly every photographic experience of mine has been side by side with my best buddy, except night photography and various quests into the wild. 

I'm an adventurer at heart. Rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, long-boarding, snowboarding, and mountainboarding are everyday pursuits. I'm not great at anything, but I can limp through almost any activity on the list. My passion is to photograph friends in rad places with captivating creativity.

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-- photo by Sara Rogers --