moraine lake // banff national park // alberta, canada

When we began planning our trip to Canada, I started dreaming big about doing a photo session in Banff National Park. As wedding photographers, we often struggle with FOMTS (fear of missing the shot) but there is a similar, more prevalent feeling that we get on our adventures that doesn't have an easy acronym. Basically, we'll get somewhere epic and I'll say "MAN I wish we could do a session out here!" and I always end up wishing I had a cute lovey couple in a pokeball that I could just take photos of everywhere we go. I really hope I'm not the only photographer that struggles with this haha.

ANYWAY. Going in to this trip I knew of a few epic places we'd be and I ended up getting in touch with an adorable Canadian couple that are also photographers, so we decided to trade sessions! It was perfect! Callen and I have not had professional photos done of us since our wedding day (which is a whole other struggle that I keep trying to day we'll make it happen) so I was super excited.

Unfortunately, the weather looked pretty bad day-of and our schedule wasn't very flexible, so we had to cancel. Callen and I decided to go to the lake anyway and hope the weather would clear. Sure enough, it was perfect! I was almost mad at the perfect weather and the perfect lake because our session was cancelled for no reason, but instead of letting me stew about it Callen came up with a solution (total husband move) and decided to ask a random couple if we could take photos of them! We still wouldn't get OUR photos, but at least we'd get to shoot and spend time with some other people! Y'all, this was soo out of my introverted comfort zone but I am SO glad we did it! Callen literally approached Kristian and Amanda, explained our situation, and asked if we could do a session! They were amazing and totally game for all our crazy ideas! We kept saying "seriously if you're over it you don't have to keep doing this!" but they had a great time and we really enjoyed getting to know each other. They were on a big trip visiting from Denmark with plans to explore California after this visit in Canada!

One of the things Callen and I loved about the session was how comfortable it was. Because they literally didn't know they'd be taking photos until we talked to them, there were no expectations or nerves! They were super chill and trusted us with everything and because they had no expectations, we were able to be creative and try things we probably wouldn't have tried in a more formal session. It was a super fun experience that I definitely think we'll do again in the future!

Canon 6D / Canon 50 1.2L / Sigma ART 35 1.4

Sony A7ii / Sony Zeiss 16-35 f4

Edited with Mastin Labs on Adobe Lightroom