When you book us for your wedding day, you're receiving much more than pretty photos. We believe that nice poses, fancy cameras, and trendy edits are easy to come by these days, but it takes much more to produce something that matters. We believe that your photo experience should be fun, romantic, and adventurous. We work hard to learn your personalities, help plan your wedding day timelines, and provide an enjoyable experience. We're about real moments, true love, genuine smiles, and serious cuddles. 

Our shooting style varies on a scale between cinematic (where every detail and movement is planned) and documentary (where nothing is planned or placed, 100% candid). We create and capture moments for you by asking you to move and interact together in ways that allow us to capture your candid moments in a flattering style. Instead of playing fly on the wall and expecting you to look natural in front of our cameras, we give prompts and directions that include movements, words, and feelings. During photo sessions, you'll sometimes forget we're right there. When viewing your finished photos, you'll like think something like "Woah, I didn't realize we could look so rad/adorable/adventurous/playful on camera." At least, this has been our experience so far!

Our editing style is inspired by pushed film, which has a punchy, contrasty vibe without sacrificing true colors, accurate skin tones, or overall cleanliness of an image. We pride ourselves in producing images that will not look "dated" in 5, 10, or 50 years. We've chosen to edit in a way that resembles film because when film is correctly shot and processed, it is a true representation to what the environment looked like. We are not fans of filters or major color changes because we believe you chose your location based on it's beauty and it'd be a disservice to change that look drastically in your photos.

"The best decision was to marry Kyler. 
The second best was to be married in my parents forest.
But the very best decision in planning my wedding was to hire the Hearnes. 

Abbi is so talented, but she is also kind, calming and genuine. Abbi and Callen together are an amazing team. They respect each other, made us feel important and they worked quickly and efficiently. We loved getting to know them, laughing with them and becoming friends as we took sunset photos at our wedding and hiked the next day at Mount Rainier NP. The communication and payment logistics were seamless. Seamless, people. Abbi is very organized, helpful and responsive in the planning process. She asks questions and really listens to incorporate the responses.

They capture joy, light, awe and expanse in such a unique way. I am so very happy with the resulting photos and will treasure them for the rest of my life!" - Jena + Kyler (washington treehouse wedding + mount rainier adventure session), August 2017, see more reviews here

We absolutely loved the Hearnes! We booked a bit last minute (in true elopement fashion), and they were completely up for it. It felt like we were meeting old friends. Their work is like nothing else I've seen, our family and friends are blown away by all our pictures! Abbi and Callen are professionals in both their photos and their demeanor. From the first moment I contacted them, Abbi was super organized and communicative. She answered all our questions, and gave us several options on photo locations at Yosemite (they're very familiar with the area). We had never been to Yosemite before our ceremony, so I was a little nervous in terms of logistics, but Abbi and Callen took care of details. If you're looking for a photographer, look no further!!" - Vicky + Ben, October 2017, see more reviews here


We love love and we think it's something to celebrate, whether you've been dating for five months or married for ten years. We believe in creating a meaningful experience for every couple and our sessions are so much more than posing in front of a camera. So often we have clients tell us they expected their session to be awkward, but instead it felt like a fun double-date! We love that, and we completely agree!

When planning for a session with us, you should be prepared to do some hiking, get a little dirty, and brave the weather. Some of our favorite sessions have been on cloudy days or just after a massive storm. We spend a lot of time exploring, so when you hire us to take your photos, we can guarantee we'll find unique locations away from the crowds and the popular spots. Whether we're showing you secret corners of Yosemite Valley or hiking a few miles into Moab's BLM land, we promise to take you on a real adventure and give you stunning photos in beautiful places. That being said, we will never force you to go anywhere that makes you uncomfortable. Abbi is a couch potato by heart, so don't feel intimidated if you're not a strong hiker. Your enjoyment is our number one priority!

"Abbi and Callen completely changed my perspective of an engagement session. From the very beginning they made sure that every aspect of the experience was true to my fiance and I and that our personalities resonated through their work. They made the whole experience a fun adventure, learning about us and our passions and took special care to make the session comfortable and enjoyable. Normally having your picture taken can be a bit scary and daunting at times, it's hard to open up and not shy away, but Abbi and Callen made it feel like just a day of exploring and hanging out with friends.

If you're considering an engagement session, which you should in my opinion because it is a great way to celebrate the time between getting engaged and getting married, look no further than these two amazing people. It is worth every single penny and the end product is a beautiful reflection of who you and your fiance are - it's truly a celebration of the two of you that you can cherish for the rest of your lives. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words and their pictures tell your whole story." - Hannah + Jason, November 2017, see more reviews here

"Abbi shot our engagement photos in Yosemite National Park, and they turned out AMAZING! I usually feel extremely awkward in front of the camera, especially when they're close up and intimate. Abbi and Callen immediately made us feel so comfortable and natural, and it just flowed. It felt more like a double date with new friends exploring the wonders of Yosemite, and I just happened to be wearing a fancy dress and complicated heeled booties. The session was so fun and stress free! Abbi is such a natural at what she does! She guided us in poses and made sure we were always comfortable. I already have friends and family asking me about her services! They are not only great photographers, but great people to adventure and explore new places with. Thank you, Abbi and Callen, for making our engagement photo dreams come true!!" - Maddy + Robbie, February 2017, see more reviews here