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Skydiver but not a daredevil. Naturally a couch potato but driven by adventure. Top-rope hero. Inspired by anyone who thinks outside the box. I will never choose a favorite between Yosemite and Moab, I even have them tattooed on my arms.



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Adventurer at heart. Rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, long-boarding, snowboarding, dual-sport moto adventures and mountainboarding are everyday pursuits. Hates being still unless sitting in hot water, preferably from a natural spring.



Acts more like a cat than a dog. Pretty stand off-ish but might cuddle in the morning or late at night. Will definitely try to get in your photos. Thinks every kind person on the trail is his new family. Definitely not as well-behaved as he looks in photos.

We are Abbi and Callen Hearne, a husband and wife adventure photography team living on the road full-time in our big gray monster truck (ok, it's actually just an Isuzu with a custom camper, but it looks like a monster). We're on a never-ending roadtrip around the western US, with occasional side-quests to places like Patagonia and Alaska, chasing beautiful places and grand adventures! We specialize in adventurous weddings and elopements in epic places and thanks to our always-changing address (or lack thereof), we're not tied down to one location. We'll happily travel anywhere in the world. Check out our travel schedule here!

We're not your average photographers. Honestly, in this instagram age, it feels like everyone and their mom is an "adventure photographer" but it's important to us to actually live it out. As our friend Brianna Madia so eloquently writes, we get amongst it. If we are photographing your elopement in Canyonlands National Park at sunrise, you might find us jumping out of an airplane above it just a few hours after we say our goodbyes (safely of course!). If your wedding is in Arches National Park, there is a chance you'll see us climbing a desert tower a few hours before. If El Cap is the back drop to your Yosemite elopement, Callen will probably be entertaining you with stories from the multiple times he's climbed it's 3,000 foot face. We fell in love with the outdoors first, and weddings second. We're guessing you kind of feel the same way, and that's why you're here.

That being said, we really really love weddings. We're all about relationships, and one of our favorite things about being wedding photographers is the connection we get to build with our couples. We've found that by specializing in these intimate, outdoors-focused weddings, we get to know our couples on a deeper level. We aren't just showing up and following a strict timeline, we're exploring and experiencing the wild desert or the windy mountains with you. We believe the best way to serve our couples is to go beyond the beautiful photographs and give them a meaningful experience. We do this with extensive planning assistance, location knowledge, and expert-level outdoor wedding photography skill. Abbi is incredibly calming, reassuring, and scary good at this job - you won't have a single wedding-day worry that she can't answer. Callen is hilarious, dynamic, and extremely creative. You'll often forget he's there, then realize he's climbing up a mountain to get a big wide photo you wouldn't have even thought of. Charlie, well, he's the cutest dog alive and if you don't like dogs, you should probably X out of this tab immediately (jk, we'll try not to judge you...).


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