First of all, congratulations on your engagement! This is one of your greatest adventures and we are seriously honored you’re considering bringing us along. We value your time and your investment, so we’ve put together this little guide to give you an idea of how we do things, what you can expect from us, and your pricing options.

If you have any questions, you should always feel free to text or e-mail Abbi directly. We're here for you!

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We are Abbi and Callen Hearne, a husband and wife photography team living on the road as full-time nomads. We consider ourselves outdoor adventure enthusiasts and in our free time you can find us rock climbing, mountain biking, skydiving, and exploring new places!

We live out of our van full time, road tripping around the western US chasing beautiful places and grand adventures. We specialize in outdoor weddings and due to our always-changing address (or lack thereof), we’re not tied down to one location. We’ll happily travel anywhere in the world. One of our favorite things about being wedding photographers is the connection we build with our clients. We go from being strangers meeting over coffee (or on FaceTime across the country) to close friends. We believe the best way to serve our clients is to go beyond the beautiful photos and give them a meaningful experience. 

Over the past two years of traveling all over the west, we've fallen in love with a number of places and while we don't plan on fully settling down anytime soon, Moab and the surrounding Utah desert has completely stolen our hearts. In 2018, we have adjusted our pricing structure to reflect our desire to spend a majority of our time in Moab, where we feel most at Home. If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out!



We realize this may sound like we're a little full of ourselves, but the honest truth is we truly are the top of the line. When it comes to adventure elopements in the Western US, we believe you can't find anyone better. This is reflected in our extensive portfolio, our vast knowledge of the regions, and our continuous growth. When we gave up a solid address to live on the road full time, we fully committed to this lifestyle and this job. We are constantly exploring new areas, day dreaming how we can serve our clients better, researching what other photographers offer, and evaluating what we can do to continue surprising our clients with an experience that is beyond what they could've hoped when they first e-mailed us. We can guarantee you that we care about this deeply. We care about you and we continually evaluate how we can go beyond your expectations. 

The Relationship

From the very first email, you've probably already noticed how invested we are in knowing you. We want to form a relationship with you that means when we do finally meet up in person, we're skipping the formal handshake and going straight to hugs. We believe that the best photos come out when you're being yourselves and when you feel comfortable around us. We also believe that by knowing you two specifically and applying our vast knowledge of locations, opportunities, and wedding/elopement details, we can help you dream up a wedding day that 100% reflects you two. We accomplish this deep relationship by booking less and pouring into each client we have. We like to say we are professional blind-double-daters, but the reality is by the time we're meeting up in person, we're far from blind. By then, we know you well enough to capture your true selves on the most important day of your lives.

Location Scouting

We are explorers through and through. Our absolute favorite day-off activity is finding a random dirt road to drive down and explore a new area by "car-hiking" and stopping along the way to venture by foot. Callen spends a ton of his free time trolling google maps, dropping pins in places that look interesting and then figuring out the best way to get there whether it's by driving, dirt biking, or by foot. We dream of owning two para-motors one day so we can explore the land like birds, but we need to figure out how we'll fit them in the van first. This constant exploration leads us to the most amazing places, and considering our profession you best bet we're always scouting perfect spots for intimate ceremonies and adventurous engagement sessions. While we're always willing to go to your favorite spot, we also have a never-ending list of dream locations we'd love to show you. Whether you're looking for sweeping views, narrow canyons, a literal mountain-top, or a meadow surrounded by snowy peaks, we can reccomend a few, and most of our favorites are almost always empty. 

Details + Planning

We often joke that because our elopement couples have opted to forgo all the wedding details they feel unnecessary, we take on the role of planner, stylist, hiking guide, coordinator, best friend (ceremony witnesses!!), and so on. The thing is - we love that. Honestly, a lot of our couples are choosing to elope because they don't want to deal with all of the ~wedding~ stuff that stresses them out, so we gladly help with picking out attire (yes, Abbi will send you a personalized list of dresses based on your location and preferences!), recommending vendors if you do want florals, make up, an officiant, etc, creating a custom timeline and order of events that suits your needs and desires, and so on. Pretty much anytime you have a question during your planning process, we'll happily talk through it with you and offer suggestions that are suited to your personality and vision for your day.

Story telling

Not to sound fluffy, but this is what we're really here for. You're hiring us to implement the points above and tell a story true to you. We will get to know you, your desires and your passions, what makes you unique, and we'll combine that information with our extensive knowledge and experience in various regions and shooting various weddings to create a day that reflects you two. Our goal is that throughout your wedding day, your constantly reminded "oh, that's why we did this!" as you fall more in love with your partner and with the environment you've chosen to marry in. We also hope that whether you have guests in attendance, or friends viewing photos back home afterwards, the people in your circle learn more about you two through their own experience of your wedding day. We watch for all the little details and while we'll be capturing a lot of amazing photos that you'll be itching to see as soon as possible, we'll also fill your gallery with little moments you didn't even know were happening, or you didn't even remember until you saw the photo. We want our photos to take you right back to those moments and feelings when you're viewing them one month later and 60 years later.






for elopements with up to 5 guests

+ up to four hours of coverage with two photographers

+ unlimited consultation and planning assistance

+ access to our online wedding and session planning guides

+ online gallery of edited, high-res digital files with unlimited downloads and personal printing rights

+ Moab, Utah and surrounding area: $3800



for weddings with up to 20 guests

+ up to four hours of coverage with two photographers

+ unlimited consultation and planning assistance

+ access to our online wedding and session planning guide

+ online gallery of edited, high-res digital files with unlimited downloads and personal printing rights

+ Moab, Utah and surrounding area: $4400



for weddings with up to 50 guests

+ up to six hours of coverage with two photographers

+ unlimited consultation and planning assistance

+ access to our online wedding and session planning guide

+ online gallery of edited, high-res digital files with unlimited downloads and personal printing rights

+ Moab, Utah and surrounding area: $5000



for international (non-US) weddings with up to 50 guests

+ up to six hours of coverage with two photographers

+ two extra hours on your wedding day or an epic day-after session

+ unlimited consultation and planning assistance

+ access to our online wedding and session planning guide

+ online gallery of edited, high-res digital files with unlimited downloads and personal printing right




adventure session | $1600

up to two hours of hiking and shooting
access to our online session planning guide

100-150 high resolution digital images in an online gallery
$1400 when booked with a wedding package
$1200 when booked in Moab, Utah



we book elopements and weddings based on our nomadic travel schedule and do not have any additional fees from what you see above. for weddings that do not fit in our travel schedule, we can come up with a custom quote for Abbi to fly + shoot alone (or hire a local second photographer) if our schedule allows.

our destination wedding package price includes travel fees for Abbi + Callen to join you for your elopement or intimate wedding anywhere in the world.


how do i book?

To reserve your date, you simply need to sign our contract and pay a non-refundable $1000 deposit. This can all be done online through our booking website. After you e-mail us, we will walk you through these steps. 

where are you based?

Good question. More like, where are we not based? We live on the road full-time running our business out of our (highly-reliable, 2017, well-organized) van. We proudly serve a huge portion of the western US, including California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and Wyoming. We especially love the southwest desert of utah, the mountains of california, and the pacific northwest.

Why is Moab cheaper?

While we don't technically have a home base, Moab has become where we feel the most at Home. It's where we have friends, a solid place to park and shower (#vanlife), a comfortable place to work, and a reliable babysitter for our dog Charlie. The logistics of living in a van and running an extremely amazing and demanding business are easier for us in Moab. Due to this and other reasons, we have chosen to structure our pricing in a way that 1) incentivizes Moab bookings and 2) covers the additional costs that come up when shooting outside of the Moab area.

CAN i see a full wedding gallery?

Yes absolutely! What we choose to show on our website and social media isn't always a full representation of an entire wedding day. Simply ask us for a link to either a full wedding, intimate wedding, or elopement via e-mail and we'll gladly send it over. 

Who owns the copyright to my images?

While we'll retain the copyright of the images from your wedding day, our contract gives personal print and media permissions to our clients for any non-commercial usage. If you have any concerns about privacy, please let us know.

When will i see my images?

You can expect a preview from your wedding day or session posted to our Facebook page within three days of your event and an e-mail containing your full gallery within six weeks of your event.

CAN we add on sessions and extras after booking?

Absolutely! You are welcome to add on sessions (including a day-after session) any time up to the day after your wedding day. You can elect to add on hours as late as the moment we are scheduled to leave! If you choose to have us stay longer, just let us know and we will add it to your online invoice afterwards. You can choose to add on an album anytime within 6 months after your images are delivered.

Do you have a large wedding package?

We have a full wedding package that is $7500 for 8 hours of continuous coverage for weddings with up to 150 guests. We book a very limited number of these per year, based on specific circumstances.


Thank you for reaching out to us about your upcoming wedding. We feel absolutely honored that you would consider having us join you on such a special day. 

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to meeting you!

Abbi + Callen Hearne
@abbihearne | @callenhearne