While Moab, Utah is now our official home base, we are still proud owners of the most epic camper you’ll ever see and we still spend half of our year living on the road. After over three years spent traveling full-time between some of the most epic places in the western US (and beyond), we like to think we’re pretty familiar with the best times to visit different places. We’ve taken into account things like weather, seasonal road closures, tourist traffic numbers, wildfire season (ugh), and several other factors to come up with what we’ve found is a pretty ideal travel schedule. When looking through this list, consider our own timing a recommendation for when to elope in these locations!

That being said, while we tend to stick to our travel schedule pretty securely, please know that we’re down to hear your ideas and hop on a plane if needed. We have updated passports and are ready to go! If you’re hoping to elope somewhere international, or simply outside of our travel schedule below, feel free to reach out and we’ll let you know our availability!


January // Switzerland + France + italy

February // Page, ARizona

March // Moab, Utah

April // Zion national park + Moab, Utah

May // zion national park + Yosemite national park

June // Yosemite national park

July // Alaska

August // Alaska

September // alaska + Banff National park

October // Yosemite national park + MOab, Utah

November // Moab, Utah

December // Moab, Utah + International


January // Open to International (Ideas: Patagonia, Jordan, MOROCCO…)

February // Moab, Utah

March // Moab, Utah

April // Zion national park + Moab, Utah

May // Moab, Utah + Yosemite national park

June // Yosemite national park