There is a reason we call our couples sessions “adventure sessions.” We’re all about real moments, true love, genuine smiles, and serious cuddles. We believe our job is to capture emotion in a way that can be felt for generations. We want to capture your lifestyle, not just the way you look. Our shooting and editing style is artistic, timeless, beautiful, and flattering. We want your heart to swell every time you go through your photos! Every session is different, but here are some things you should be down for before booking an adventure with us:

walking on logs, crossing creeks, a little mud, a little snow, getting sprayed by waterfalls, the possibility of embracing the weather

That being said, we promise to never bring you anywhere that makes you feel afraid or uncomfortable. We are extremely sensitive to our clients’ desires, your experience is our top priority!

We want to encourage you two to wear whatever fits your style. You can go casual, dress up or you're welcome to do both, we don't mind outfit changes!

Here is a pinterest board I've created for outfit ideas if you need any inspiration

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Please read this together

We are about capturing feelings, not poses. We want your photos to feel like YOU, not like any other couple. We DO NOT expect you to know how to look good/cute/playful/natural in front of our cameras! We realize that while we do this all the time, this is likely a new experience for you. It's completely normal to feel nervous before a photo session. When we meet up, Callen and I will spend some time getting to know you two before turning the camera on and we will continually switch between taking photos and just chilling, talking, hiking, etc!

We don't expect you to know what to do, so we will direct you, but you are always welcome to do what comes naturally. You will typically hear me say something like "pause there and look out toward the sunset. now put your arms around each other. lean in to kiss. face each other and wrap up in a tight hug. now kiss her three times." and so on. 

Your main job is to focus on each other. Allow this to be a time that you're not worrying about wedding planning or to-do lists. This should feel like a date night, a sweet time to connect and remember why you chose this person! If you can do that, we will capture your love in it's pure form and give you photos you'll cherish for a lifetime.




I want these photos to be you, not anyone else. I can only capture that if you let me in. Remember how you interact when you're alone together. How do you normally hold hands? Do you cuddle up together when sitting next to each other? I will direct you, but I want you to meet me halfway and show your true selves.


 Do you make fart jokes, play games, and laugh? Do you stare into each other's eyes and talk about your favorite qualities? I want to capture that realness whether it's goofy or serious or a mix of both. Do not focus on what you think you should do, just do you!


If you enjoy cleaning up nicely, looking stylish, and rocking a fancy dress, by all means go for it! That being said, if you'd normally never be caught dead in heels, why wear them now? Wear something that feels true to you and, most importantly, something you'll feel comfortable in!


 If you have a day full of stressful errands, it's going to be difficult to unwind and enjoy your session. If possible, spend the day together and take it easy. Grab a drink + lunch before your session if you can! Make it a date. 


You're not here for me. I'm here for you. My goal is more than just pretty pictures. I want to document your love and show you how I see you. Forget anything you think about professional photography, because by the end of your session it'll feel more like a double date than a photo shoot.


I'm a big fan of imperfection. Foggy weather, wind messing up your hair, mud on your shoes, these things tell a story and give us a real experience. There is a reason we call them adventure sessions!


We do a lot of  wandering around for these sessions and some of my favorite photos come from the in-between moments, so leave the big back packs behind. We want you to be light on your feet and easily mobile. Callen will carry a backpack and can hold little things like phones, wallets, keys, and small jackets when necessary. 


Every couple is different and we want to create something that feels true to you. We work hard to learn about you two and create something beautiful, adventurous, and authentic. Please understand that we will never ask you to step past your comfort level and we work hard to make sure you feel safe during your session, even if the photos might make your mom nervous. 

If you have any question for us, always feel free to reach out via text or e-mail

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