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Skydiver but not a daredevil. Naturally a couch potato but driven by adventure. Top-rope hero. Inspired by anyone who thinks outside the box. Will never choose a favorite between Yosemite and Moab.

adventure wedding photographer // callen hearne


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Adventurer at heart. Rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, long-boarding, snowboarding, and mountainboarding are everyday pursuits. Hates being still unless sitting in a hot tub. 



Acts more like a cat than a dog. Pretty stand off-ish but might cuddle in the morning or late at night. Will definitely try to get in your photos. Thinks every kind person on the trail is his new family.

We are Abbi and Callen Hearne, a husband and wife photography team living on the road as full-time #vanlifers. We're on a never-ending roadtrip around the western US chasing beautiful places and grand adventures! We specialize in small weddings and elopements in epic places and thanks to our always-changing address (or lack thereof), we're not tied down to one location. We'll happily travel anywhere in the world. Check out our 2018 travel schedule here!

One of our favorite things about being wedding photographers is the connection we build with our couples. We go from being strangers meeting over coffee (or on FaceTime across the country) to close friends. We believe the best way to serve our couples is to go beyond the beautiful photographs and give them a meaningful experience.

You can read more about us, how we run our business on the road, and what to expect as a client in this interview from Junebug Weddings!

 photo by  cedar + pines  

photo by cedar + pines 

 photo by The Foxes Photography

photo by The Foxes Photography