the hearnes are going to Alaska! | some film scans from my mom's trip to Alaska in 1976

Ahhh we are so excited to announce that this summer we'll be driving from Utah to Alaska on a great big adventure road trip for a majority of July. We absolutely can't wait to explore the last frontier. This has been on our bucket list for so long, especially since finding my mom's old film photos from the summer she spent in Alaska in 1976. I decided to share some of her photos for inspiration!

Callen and I have been playing with a few different ideas for this July and honestly, the plan was going to be to just drive home to Texas for a few weeks because "everywhere else in the US is too hot" and in Texas we'd be in AC...but then we realized something. We were forgetting about this one part of the US...the final part. ALASKA. Surely, if we drive 3,000 miles from Utah, through Canada, to Anchorage Alaska, SURELY it won't be too hot there :) So we're going for it! Because it's always been on our bucket list and we aren't getting any younger (and neither is the van!) so this is the best time to go for it. We are beyond psyched! We have barely any plans, but I'm already starring a billion places on Google Maps and getting so excited to add Alaska Skydiving Center to my list of dropzones. We have beta on some hot springs on the way out and you best bet Callen will find ANY springs anywhere near us. We keep looking at each other and giggling like idiots because we're really doing it!! I also love that we'll be going to Alaska the same year we visit Patagonia, because of course we have to find ourselves at opposite ends of the earth in one year!

While this is technically our summer break, we are definitely open to booking a handful of elopements and/or adventure engagement (or anniversary!) sessions while we're out here! We'd be crazy to turn down an Alaska adventure if you are interested in eloping somewhere wild, or adventuring with your love in the last frontier, contact us as soon as possible! We will only do a limited number, capping it at 1 intimate wedding, up to 2 elopements, and up to 4 adventure sessions during our three weeks exploring the Alaska wilderness!

I am so excited for this trip!! In case you need any more inspiration for an Alaska elopement, or Denali National Park adventure session, here are a few more film scans from my momma's inspiring collection!

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