austin, texas couple session // adventure photographer // barton creek greenbelt

We've been doing a lot of sessions this month and while it's been a huge blessing, shooting almost every day and spending hours editing can sometimes leave me feeling exhausted and creatively empty. One way I know to combat that is to shoot for FUN, with no pressure and no expectations. Now, I realize it might seem silly to say that shooting more and giving myself more to edit can help fight burnout, but I promise it works - at least for me!

So I rounded up my brother and his sweet girlfriend for a chill, fun hike through our favorite greenbelt in Austin with my camera! I am a firm believer in always learning and practicing, that there will always be more I can improve on. Thankfully, my family is (for the most part) happy to let me practice on them :) This session was pure fun. We just wandered around and took photos as we went. I loved getting to capture Conner and Cassidy's quirky love and silly antics. I love these buddies!!

Canon 5D Mark IV + Canon 50L 1.2 + Sigma ART 35 1.4