bull creek park // austin, texas adventure photographer

anniversary portrait session in bull creek park // austin, texas adventure photographer // www.abbihearne.com

Casey reached out to me when I posted about our mini adventure sessions in Texas a few weeks ago and I am so glad she did! A photographer herself, she told me she is much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it, but she and her husband Peter wanted some professional photos and trusted me to take them! It's always an honor when a follow photographer wants to hire us. It's a good testament to the fact than we're more than just people with "good cameras" (side note - saying your photographer has a nice camera when they show you a photo is like telling a cook they have a nice pot when they serve you dinner...yes I have a nice camera, but I also have great skills and years of experience, education, and a lot of creativity!!! End rant...I know Casey will appreciate this haha). Anyway...I we loved getting to know these two and their sweet pup June! I'm honored they came down to Austin for this session and hope they loved these photos as much as I do!

Canon 5D Mark IV + Canon 50L f1.2

Canon 6D + Sigma 35 ART f1.4