You might remember in my Zion post a few weeks ago that I mentioned we stayed with a good friend who works in the park. We loved seeing her side of the Utah desert and made her promise to come visit us in Moab soon. Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how amazing it is when people make plans to get together and then actually follow through with them? Just a few days after saying goodbye to my family, Morgan texted us to let us know she was headed to Moab!! We showed her the amazingness that is Wall Street (literal 1 second car-to-wall approach) and we even rigged up a static line so I could practice jugging up and shooting photos from the wall. It was incredible! We also all rappelled a fun arch in Kane Creek area...Charlie included!! He had fun. I think. Morgan got some awesome shots of him from the ground! We finished her visit back at Looking Glass - a classic Moab climb/rap. Charlie wasn't feeling it that day, so I stayed on the ground to get photos of everyone on the rappel. It was such a fun visit and we can't wait to see what kind of adventure we do next time we're all together! To all of the friends we've been begging to come visit us - consider this blog post a preview to what you could do ;)