field notes from callen :: the eastern sierra

There's this magical region of California... Not SoCal, though we love SoCal (excluding LA), neither NorCal. Its a region of rainshadow, alpine access, hot springs, and climbing Mecca. I'm talking Eastside. Highway 395 homes atypical Californian towns like, Bishop, Lone Pine, and Mammoth. Chill vibes and hot springs... where do I sign? Alabama Hills and Whitney Portal are two of our faves. The hills are a guaranteed good days of exploring with minimal human encounters, great camping, and awesome views of the sierra range. 

Lets be honest, the hot springs enthusiasm is almost entirely one sided...Abbi will give me an inch and I'll drag us a mile into deep snow to soak in a tiny tub in the miserable rain/sleet. We had about a 50/50 success rate as we drove, hiked, and searched for obscure and known springs up and down the 395. Did I mention the Eastside is just an hour or so drive from Yosemite Valley in the warmer seasons? Definitely a Hearne fave.