field notes from callen :: winter in yosemite national park

If you've spent anytime with Abbi and I, I'm sure you've heard us raving about the one valley to rule them all; Yosemite. Be you a climber, hiker, adventurer, photographer, or die-hard tourist, Yosemite National Park is likely near the top of your list. We are all of the above, so exploring Yosemite is always an incredible time and always on our itinerary radar. We've honeymooned, anniversary-ed, family vacay-ed, worked, and wandered many a time in the sweet granite valley and it just keeps on giving. 

This trip was particularly special because it was Charlie's first time to visit the valley! We hung out with friends, made new ones, explored new areas, and played on new rocks and such. I also got to experience the valley from the comfort of my kayak, floating a mellow section of the Merced River. It was pretty surreal to peacefully cruise through the heart of Yosemite taking in the massive granite walls and waterfalls. We found a new favorite spot on some slabs near tunnel view and loved getting to watch Charlie romp in the snow and slide down icy rock. If you haven't made it to Yosemite you should start planning a trip now! As always we would love to answer questions or help you build an itinerary :)