the cover photo is from our January trip to Alabama Hills. I'm dying to go back!

1. This week was cr-a-zy. If you follow me on snapchat (@abbihearne) you got my briefing on the situation Tuesday evening, and you might've seen my post on instagram (here), but basically, we spent about a lot of hours driving (most of them were in two separate vehicles) to get our Vanagon back home after it had been broken down in Arkansas for almost three months. It wasn't a fun trip but we're relieved to have the van back home and not sitting two states away!

2. I'm still absolutely loving the photos from Danielle and Andrew's post-wedding forest shoot! This might be my new favorite type of stress, no timelines, just newly married sweethearts full of love and ready for adventure. I think people should just start bringing us on their honeymoons so we can do epic adventure sessions all over the world :)

3. I've really enjoyed following Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards on snapchat this year leading up to their Mt. Everest climb and especially their whole #EverestNoFilter series of snaps from the mountain itself. If you missed it, Buzzfeed just did a fun article about their journey and included some screenshots of the snaps. It's always fun when things in the climbing world make it to the mainstream. Remember Dawn Wall?

4. Did you catch Callen's video from our Moab trip? I can't stop watching it!

5. I am completely obsessed with Podcasts right now. They are pretty much what kept me sane when we were driving 20 mph on long roads for hours earlier this week (see #1). I absolutely love Jamie Ivey's Happy Hour Podcast where she talks with different women each week about "the big things in life, the small things in life, and everything in between" and it's just so encouraging. As an introvert, I have serious phone call anxiety (it drives Callen crazy), but this podcast feels like a phone call with friends where I'm not expected to say anything. It's a win-win.