Today's cover photo is from the beautiful Mesa Falls in Idaho

1. Have you seen one of these virtual reality videos yet? You can move the viewpoint around while watching by using your mouse to click and drag (on the computer) or, if you download the app, you can watch it on your phone and move the phone around to change the perspective!! I love it. The first one I watched was a visit to Moab with Andy Lewis, so it obviously stole my heart. I *almost* felt like I was back in my favorite desert.

2. This guy's slideshow of National Parks from the air is absolutely amazing. I read more about him and learned that he takes these while flying his own plane!! He is often alone and just flies over these parks looking for beautiful photos to take. Dream.

3. Yeaaah another Moab video in one blog post. What can I say? I love that place like crazy, and this video explains why. I love when people make art that expresses feelings I've felt!

4. Callen spent this week in Costa Rica with the band, so I spent the week driving back and forth to the drop zone to jump with some amazing mentors and work on my skydiving skills! This week I've been working on getting better at controlling my fall rate during free fall (this is really difficult for me!) and my landing accuracy! I got to downsize my parachute this week so I'm already feeling pretty accomplished :)

5. My parents made the drive from Austin (and back in one day!) to visit me at Spaceland and see what all this jumping out of planes thing is about. They had a great time and I was so thankful for the opportunity to show them my amazing drop zone! The community there is one of the things I love most about skydiving and it was so great to show that to my parents!