Yikes. I have definitely been slacking on the blogging front this month. As it turns out, our trip to Canada was absolutely amazing but getting back on the grind has been tough. I still have over 1,000 photos to edit and quite a few blog posts to put together BUT these next few weeks are pretty chill so fingers crossed I can get it together!! Today's cover photo is a glimpse at the amazing sunset we watched in Grand Teton National Park!

1. Our big trip kind of took the spot light so I haven't had a chance to write a post about it, but I got Skydive Certified two days before we left!!! I did the A license in a week program at Skydive Spaceland in Houston and it was AMAZING. I did 23 jumps over the course of FIVE DAYS. It was insanity. I'm hoping to write a post about the whole process soon, but until then you can check out my dive flow videos here!

2. Speaking of skydiving, did you see this video of Luke Aikins making a 25,000 foot without a parachute?! This project took so much vision and preparation, it's pretty amazing that he was able to do it! For friends and family expressing concern, no worries...I love my parachute and don't plan on ever jumping without it ;)

3. If you aren't following me on instagram, you can hop over there to see some previews of the big roadtrip we just took! It's a lot easier to edit one photo and throw together a caption when we're on the road, so insta (and Facebook) is definitely the best way to keep up with our daily lives.

4. I am a brand ambassador for adidas Outdoor and they're currently doing a contest specifically for OUR followers and all you have to do is guess the National Park in this photo to enter! The winner will get a $100 gift card to adidas Outdoor and they're picking three winners!! This answer should be obvious considering who the photographer is :)

5. Callen and I have been absolutely loving Jared Leto's new series Great Wide Open on youtube! They have released four episodes so far and we're hooked on every one. I love seeing more mainstream people embrace the National Parks and all they have to offer (beyond just driving to the popular look outs for the gram) and Jared's series definitely does a great job of that!