Field Notes from Callen :: Joshua Tree National Park

So we've covered the concept of our fam of three being "desert rats." We normal rat out in sandstone canyons, but this winter season we've been digging the high deserts of SoCal more and more. Joshua Tree has been a favorite of ours. The climbing, the town, the ease of exploration and solitude when desired, it's a destination on the calendar more and more for a reason. The place is surreal. Father Medical Doctor Suess himself was inspired by this very region in much of his work. But did I mention the climbing...

The story behind the safe-ish hang swinging shot on the sweet granite finger is worth mentioning. I'd seen a photo Tim Kemple (awesome action sport photographer) posted on instagram years back and was immediately determined to find the "finger." A year or so ago, we were in Joshua Tree and hiked out to the rock, I climbed it, got scared, and couldn't fathom hanging from the exposed side. Flash forward a year-ish, sent the thing, cruised into the exposed position and just had a blast. Its good to have these tangible reminders of progress sometimes. Even getting to cook somewhat fresh food on a real-ish stove is an indicator of our evolution as nomads. Huge shoutsouts due to Taylor Bartram (awesome photographer - check her out!) for hanging out with our silly crew, taking photos with us, climbing a heinous chimney crack, and facing the cold in some borrowed gear from our Subaru junkshow because we stayed in the park till dark.