Courtney + Nathan | Moab Wedding Portrait Session in Canyonlands National Park | Desert Wedding Inspiration | Utah Adventure Wedding Photographer

We had a total "small world" moment with Courtney and Nathan, they found us because they were following our friend Brianna Madia (who isn't?) and fell in love with our work, but after we got to talking we realized we were both native texans with a deep love for the Moab desert and the American West! Later, we realized we even had a handful of mutual friends from high school and college, crazy! Anyway, Courtney reached out to me because she and Nathan were itching for a reason to come to Moab and she had been playing around with the idea of re-doing their wedding portraits and they loved our style of adventure photography! Considering we had just done a similar session for Gabi + Brandon and loved it, I was definitely on board for the idea!

Let me tell you the desert was MOODY the week of their session! I was really excited at the possibility of some wind and clouds to add a cool dynamic, but when it rained almost all day before we met up with them, I was starting to get a little worried. Despite it being late spring, it was realllllly cold rain in town and I was a little nervous knowing we'd be gaining significant elevation to get to our location in Canyonlands National Park. After some warm pizza in Moab, we all decided to rally and hope for the best, cold weather + possible rain and all! When we got to Mesa Arch, our first stop, it was 36 degrees outside and windy, but Courtney + Nathan were total troopers! Thankfully the weather scared away the crowds, so we didn't have to worry about people too much. We took in the striking views and watched the storm move across the desert. I love that they chose to do some photos in casual clothes to show a more typical side of them! After Mesa Arch, we headed out to my favorite overlook in Canyonlands National Park for the last bit of sunset. It was one of the coolest, most dynamic sunsets I've seen thanks to the snow in the distance and the storms all around us! We ran around the overlook taking in gorgeous views and sipping hot chocolate (Thanks Callen!) until the sun was completely gone. After wrapping up and heading back to town, we all piled in the hot tub where Courtney + Nathan were staying and it was pretty much the perfect way to end such an adventurous day! The session started with pizza, took us to a National Park, and then ended with a hot tub...please tell me something more perfect ;) 

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