Moab // March 2016

Ever since our first visit to Moab last summer, a lot of our time is focused on our next trip to back. Typically, we take off one Sunday for these trips to allow almost two weeks of travel time, but a busy band schedule meant no Sundays off from January to May. When I first suggested driving the 40 hour round-trip to Moab between Sundays for a measly two and a half days out there, Callen thought I was insane. I might be...but we made it happen and it was SO worth it. We left from church on Sunday, drove 13 hours to a campsite in New Mexico (2 am arrival), then woke up at sunrise and made our way to Moab arriving right after a huge storm which made for amazing skies.

We spent Tuesday doing what we do best, driving aimlessly on dirt roads in the desert. It was glorious. Wednesday was spent with some new friends, getting a glimpse of the world of high-lining, I'll have a separate blog post about this fun day. On Thursday, we had one last thing to do before leaving town. You guys. We did NOT plan on skydiving before this trip! But as we drove up, I was re-reading Steph Davis's book Learning to Fly and I mentioned how if I ever skydive, I want my first jump to be in Moab. So Callen, being the amazing husband that he is, suggested we skydive! We make quite a few impulsive decisions, but the impulse decision to jump out of an airplane 10,000 feet above the ground was possibly our best yet :) It was SO fun. The team at Skydive Moab was amazing. It was the perfect end to our brief trip and I can't wait to do it again. 

We were pretty exhausted by the time we got home, but discovering that we can make a Moab trip between Sundays has unlocked a whole new world for this little crew. In fact, we're doing another quick trip the week after next and we are counting down the days! We're offering a few discounted photo sessions during our time out there, be sure to contact us through this page if you're going to be in the area!