We get questions all the time from people wondering if life on the road is right for them. Our biggest advice before hitting the road is to take a few road trips! Force yourself to cook your own food, resist the urge to get a hotel room, and do your best to treat it like real life, not a vacation. So, when Outdoorsy reached out to write a guest blog post on our site, I was thrilled! We’ve heard amazing things about this company and a number of our elopement couples have rented through them for their elopement/honeymoon adventure. I asked them to write a blog explaining what Outdoorsy provides and why you should try RVing on your next trip!

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RVing is an extremely popular way to travel and vacation for a broad range of reasons. RVers tend to feel closer to their travel partners, spend more time being active and feel lower levels of stress then those that travel by other means. Traveling by RV can also allow you to visit and experience larger areas, or to experience those areas in a more intimate way. Making this connection with the environment can be much more difficult if not impossible through traditional travel methods.

Making the leap into RVing can seem overwhelming. RVs, even used ones, are not cheap and making such a large investment in an unknown area is very hard to do. Will I like it? Will I have time to use it? Which RV is best for me? Is it worth it? These are all questions that would be great to have answered before making the leap into ownership. Maybe you just want to travel in an RV without the burden of owning, maintaining or storing an RV. Fortunately, you can enjoy the adventures of RVing without making the leap of purchasing your own unit. With the growing popularity of RVing, a number of RV rental companies like Outdoorsy.com now offer RVs for rent throughout the world. Here is how these services allow you to rent an RV and take your adventure on the road.

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Outdoorsy.com is a service that allows you to rent privately owned RVs. It is kind of like AirBnB for RVs. Renting an RV through this service could not be easier. Simply enter the dates you would like to pickup and return the RV, the place you would like to pick it up and hit submit. A list of RVs available during those dates near the desired pickup location will be displayed. From there, the site will ask a couple simple questions about the destination you plan to travel to. The provided list of available RVs can be filtered by a number of parameters including the RV type, amenities, kitchen features, entertainment features, keyword, price and rating. These filters will allow you to quickly find the perfect RV for your needs. For example, if you do not have a truck to pull a towable RV you can see only driving units like campervans. 

When you have found an RV you think will meet your needs then submit a rental request. That request will be sent to the owner and they can approve or deny your request. If the request is approved than you work with the owner on pickup/delivery and any other special needs you may have. Up until the time you pick it up, you can also add Outdoorsy's roadside assistance policy and get your drivers approved for Outdoorsy's insurance program. 

RVs can be rented locally, or in remote locations. Are you located in the United States and dream of visiting the awe-inspiring landscapes of New Zealand? You can rent an RV in New Zealand, fly there, pick it up and make that dream a reality. How about touring up the Mediterranean coast in Spain? Rent an RV in Spain and you are all set. Sites like Outdoorsy.com make this easy, they even allow you to see prices in local currencies to help in the rental decisions.

One other major benefit to renting an RV is the support the rental agency can provide. Outdoorsy.com, for example, offers a 24/7 support line, optional roadside assistance and insurance, and many other assistance services. This gives you peace of mind that there will be someone there to assist you should any problems arise during your trip.

RV rental is an increasingly popular way to travel. It allows you to experience the RV lifestyle without the large commitment of purchasing, storing and maintaining your own rig. If you are looking to give RVing a try, test out an RV you are considering buying, or want to visit a destination and experience it in a unique way then RV rental may be the best way to take your adventure on the road.