El Chalten, Patagonia, Argentina

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our adventure photo session in el chalten by Cedar + Pines | patagonia destination wedding photographers

I recently shared some of the photos our friend Anni took of us in El Chalten on our first trip to Patagonia, and I wanted to share the ones Megan took as well! It was a truly special experience to be photographed by dear friends in such a beautiful place, and it’s really cool to me seeing their different perspectives. We’re big believers in the fact that there is not one photographer out there who’s perfect for everyone - everybody captures love differently and its so cool to get to witness those differences first hand! We got a truly unique experience because all three couples traded sessions one evening in Patagonia, so we each got photos from two different photographers. I talked a lot about why I am so thankful to have these photos in my blog post of Anni’s photos, but I seriously can’t stress enough how much these mean to me. 

Having professional photography of ourselves is such a huge priority to me and I’m beyond thankful we get to have opportunities like this to trade photos with fellow photography couples. We took a lot of tripod photos in Patagonia, but the ones Megan and Anni took of us carry such different meaning to me. I love that we have our real interactions and chemistry captured in such a beautiful place. This was our first time in Patagonia and considering we hope to go back a lot of time in the future, it’s really special to have these photos to look back on!  I hope these photos inspire our already-married readers to find a photographer they love and book a session - even if it’s a splurge. You don’t need to be getting married or having a baby to get professional photos taken! You just need to be a human being with feelings that wanted to capture the point in life you’re living right now. I promise you won’t regret capturing these fleeting moments.

These photos are all by our amazing friends Megan and Nate of Cedar + Pines. Head to their site to check out more of their amazing work!


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