extreme rope swing proposal // moab, utah adventure photographer

I don't even know where to start with Sylvan and Michelle. We love these two so much! They are the first real friends we ever made in Moab and get this - we met on instagram! Earlier this year on one of our super quick trips to Moab (as in, we spent more time driving than we actually spend IN Moab. Worth it.) they invited us to join them for an arch high-line they were setting up and we were so psyched! I remember the first time we met, I tried to shake hands and Sylvan wrapped me up in one of his huge bear-hugs and said "I don't shake hands!!!" That's probably about when I knew we'd all be best friends. That day, we took photos of them sending the line, napped in the sun, and talked about everything from extreme sports to nomad life to marriage and kiddos. We stayed connected through social media and counted down the days until we'd all be reunited at GGBY in November! 

A few months before the festival, Sylvan messaged Callen and I that he was planning on proposing to Michelle at GGBY and he wanted us to take the photos!! We couldn't have been more excited!! He ended up painting a giant sign and had a few friends help him out by holding it up across the canyon. They were tied in to do a massive 200 foot rope swing off a 400 foot cliff when he signaled for the sign and got down on one knee! It was such a sweet moment, followed by Sylvan picking Michelle up and running off the cliff!!! It was insane to watch. Callen was out on a line near the cliff to get the photos of them jumping off. We had SO much fun taking these and celebrating with them afterwards! These two are the real deal - we can't wait to see where marriage takes them!

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