field notes from callen :: valley of fire state park

An impulse trek to Vegas after an adventure engagement session in Mojave Desert National Preserve made for the perfect opportunity to explore a new park, Valley of Fire. Admittedly, we were bummed about the fee to enter the park, but made sure to make the most of our $10. We drove through desert mountains from i15 until descending upon the valley. The bright orange formations really do contrast the surrounding terrain as a campfire in the woods. We got stoked on the chossy sandstone and immediately set off into the crumbly masses. I scrambled a few stories up a crack system and slabby top out, while Abbi and Charlie explored some caves and such. 
We had more park to explore and car hiked an out-and-back road. We stopped along the way wandering into the bizarre multicolored sandstone hills. We hiked to a sweet wave feature and hung out there until the blowing sand became unbearable. Long story short, we climbed on stuff, jumped off stuff, and discovered a new sandstone playplace that we intend to enjoy again! Still haven't been to The Strip... but I doubt we are missing much...

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