Yosemite adventure engagement session | national park sunset photos | california intimate wedding photographer

When Danielle first reached out to me about doing her and Nick's engagement photos in Yosemite National Park, she mentioned that they were rock climbers and they frequently come to Yosemite. I was so excited because I knew that meant they would be down for some adventure, plus I love when we get to do photos for people in a place that is meaningful to them! Yosemite holds an extra special place in their hearts because it's also where they got engaged! We decided to do start their photo session in the meadow where Nick proposed and then make our way up to Glacier Point for sunset. I was a little nervous about the two locations because I didn't want to get caught in the infamous Yosemite traffic, but it worked out perfectly and we got a huge variety of photos! 

The meadow where we started was actually totally flooded because of all the snowmelt coming through, so we improvised and walked around barefoot through the cold water feeling like little kids! It was so fun to run around and play in the water. By the time we got up to Glacier Point, the sun was casting some gorgeous golden light on Half Dome and despite the crowds, we managed to find some sweet, intimate spots including an epic diving board over the valley (some nearby tourists were not stoked on this, but I assured them it was well within these climbers' skillset and comfort level). By the time the sun was going down, we made our way to a point looking right at Half Dome for the last bit of light. I love how naturally Danielle and Nick went from dancing on the rock, to cuddling up in the cool breeze as the sky went from pink to dark blue. We sat on the ledge and chatted about everything from rock climbing to wedding planning until it was almost completely dark and Danielle commented on how she had been having so much fun just taking these photos that she forgot she has an end product to look forward to! Well Danielle, here is your end product, and I think they're absolutely beautiful. I hope you agree :) ALSO -- for those who have asked, Danielle's amazing dress is from The Odell's Shop.

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