winter in zion national park, utah

     Our last road trip began to wind down and we begrudgingly evaluated the long trek back to Texas.  We had explored so many new places in Southern California, The Eastern Sierras, and Nevada and it was difficult to accept that the discovery portion of our trip was coming to close.  I just wasn’t ready to “hike out.”  After a check in with Google Maps we realized an impromptu addition of Zion National Park would add only a few hours to our return.  Changing course for Utah was a no brainer and we were stoked to finally see the valley.

     With lows in the high teens, we opted for the first hotel night of our trip and woke up refreshed for an incredible day in Zion.  As we drove the canyon floor (private vehicles permitted in dead of winter!) we were awed by the sandstone massifs, clear waters, and color pallets of rock, snow, and foliage.  We were hooked within the hour, excitedly dreaming of future trips to the park in warmer seasons whilst breathing in the crisp solace of Zion in the winter.  Impulsive adventure almost always pays off, but every once in a while you can really hit the jackpot.