austin, texas senior graduation portraits

Oh my goodness you guys this session was SO fun! Kendall is one of my best friends and was a college roommate! This girl has been by my side through college stress, wondering when Callen was going to propose (she knew, she helped pick out the ring!), getting engaged, planning my entire wedding (seriously y'all I would have been a mess without her), and staying close close friends once Cal and I got married and moved out of Austin. I can always count on her to be there for me no matter what. It's hard to maintain friendships this deep post-college, but I'm thankful for frequent visits to Austin and her always making time for us! One last thing, a service I will NEVER forget, Kendall did ALL of the flowers on our wedding day, including my bouquet and flower crown!!! Y'all. Thats like bridesmaid of the century right there. I just couldn't NOT mention it :)

So she's graduating!! And moving to New York City (cue crying emojis) to be a big girl in the big world! I can't handle it. But being fellow true true born and raised Austinites, we decided the best way to pay tribute to her wonderful time at UT was to walk around South Congress for her senior portraits. This day was just plain fun! It was definitely more of a hang out than a portrait session, but we ended up with some amazing photos, so it was a win-win! And of course, we had to stop by campus, but we wrapped it up where all good things happen, P. Terry's (god bless that place), our go-to spot when hanging out in Austin! Check those adorable last photos if you want to see the TRUE Kenny hehe.

Canon 6D | 50mm f/1.2L

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