#sugarandclothcolorwall in Houston, Texas

It doesn't take a lot of research to know that Callen and I don't LOVE living in Houston, but I will say it has a few gems! While it lacks elevation change, nice weather, and the existence of rocks, it does have some cool art and outdoor murals. I love a good white wall, but this is next level! This wall was "opened" last weekend by a local DIY Blogger, Sugar & Cloth. She is a color and design wizard and hand-picked each color! There are 8 colors total, all in big enough blocks to act as their own back drop, but small enough to fit a few colors in a wider shot! 

We actually decided last minute to come by and check it out before a senior session last weekend, and since we had all of our gear I had Callen snap some fun shots of me! So please excuse the fact that this blog post is pretty much a bunch of photos of me...haha. We are definitely planning on coming back with our favorite model, blackandwhitepup, and maybe a few engagement sessions in the future! 

One thing to note, for anyone planning to check out the wall, it is not in a super nice side of town, so (as always!) be sure to lock your car and keep an eye on your equipment and surroundings! I consider myself a very cautious person, so I take these measures any where, but I wouldn't want someone heading over here at dusk thinking they're hitting up a wall in highland village! Just use your best judgement, as ALWAYS!

Also, check out my awesome new Kelly Moore camera bag!! I have been on the hunt for something that will carry my camera and a few lenses safely, fit my computer, and look cute without screaming "this bag has a ton of expensive equipment!" and this one fits the bill! Thank you to my wonderful in-laws for this birthday present :)

A special thank-you to my adorable photographer, who I had to coerce in to taking all these photos :)

Canon 6D | 50mm f/1.2L | Edited with Mastin Labs

Visit the #sugarandclothcolorwall: 3302 Canal Street // Houston, Texas 77002