houston, texas senior graduation portraits

This senior session was so fun! Kaycie is graduating from The University of Houston this fall and I was so excited when she reached out to me to shoot her graduation portraits on campus! Senior year of college is such a special time to reflect on past years of schooling and dream about what the future holds. I never ended up taking senior portraits when I graduated because I spent my last semester student teaching in a different city, but now that a lot of my friends are graduating (I graduated a year early), I am really starting to regret not doing them! The more I reflect on that special time spent on campus studying under amazing professors and creating wonderful artwork, the more I wish I had some photos to document it all. 

Callen and I really enjoyed walking around campus with Kaycie and her momma, talking about her years spent there. These portraits were so fun to take and I truly hope she cherishes them for years to come!

Canon 6D | 35mm f/1.4 Sigma ART | 50mm f/1.2L

Edited with Mastin Labs