this week's cover photo is from our anniversary trip to Yosemite National Park last December

1. Do you remember when Callen and I did a tandem skydive in Moab a few months ago? While most people are happy with one jump, I couldn't get the feeling out of my mind. I loved it. So I drove 1.5 hours down south of Houston to Skydive Spaceland this week and did my tandem level 2! On this jump, I got to practice turning and tracking, pull my own chute, and learn how to steer. It was so SO fun and I can't wait to go back in a few weeks for ground school. If all goes as planned, next time I jump out of one of those planes it'll be ALONE! I'm so stoked. 

2. A girl I know from college is teaching a free online class on digitizing your doodles using Adobe Illustrator! This class will walk through doodling on paper, getting that doodle on your computer, and editing/customizing it until it's ready for instagram! I signed up and can't wait to start!

3. Did you catch Monday's blog post about clothing and how I pack for trips? Well, the day after I posted it I got a new shipment from adidas Outdoor (I'm a brand ambassador for them) and got two new pieces of clothing that will absolutely be a part of my rotation now so I feel like I need to mention them! These cropped black leggings are SO comfortable, and they have a sleek mesh pocket on the side that securely holds my phone!! Ladies, this is a game-changer. I also got a long-sleeve quarter zip shirt that has a zippered arm pocket that fits my phone too. So great. Pockets are everything. 

4. Another adidas Outdoor shoutout, the shoes I mentioned in Monday's post made Climbing Magazine's "Top 5 Approach Shoes for 2016" list! I love these shoes, so I'm not surprised at all. 

5. One of my favorite photographers, Krystal Wright, just released this amazing video about a photo that she dreamed of and the journey to getting it! It took her 4.5 years and 6 tries, but the final shot is absolutely amazing. Anything that involves Moab and BASE jumping already has my heart, but add in an inspirational story and amazing film-making and I was in tears.