#sugarandclothcolorwall in Houston, Texas

One of the things I miss most about college is how easy it was to spend time with friends. We were all in the same place, with similar schedules and similar commitments, so it was much easier to get together without much effort. Now that Callen and I are married, we have a lot of married friends, but I still really enjoy the time I get to spend with my college friends!

I'm pretty sure Elizabeth and I met through art school (or was it Younglife?) but we were involved in both which inevitably made us outliers in each group - so of course we connected! We bonded through four hour studio courses and random video projects that sent us to Barton Springs, and were on the same area (NW Austin!) for Younglife, so we spent quite a bit of time together. Now that we're real-life adults (she just wrapped up her student teaching, hallelujah) we have different things to talk about, but it's still just as refreshing to get together over lunch as it was to see each other at 8am twice a week in our horrible video class junior year.

Elizabeth is also an amazing photographer (check out her website!) so, of course, we had to hit up the new Sugar and Cloth Color Wall in Houston! You may remember my first visit with Callen on our way to a portrait session, but it was so fun showing Elizabeth the wall and playing around with our cameras! We both felt much more comfortable behind the camera, but sometimes you just have to model for your fellow photographer :) You may notice some photos of EEJ in front of a patterned wall, those were at Biscuit Home on Westheimer - an adorable store that you must visit if you're in the area!

Visit the #sugarandclothcolorwall: 3302 Canal Street // Houston, Texas 77002