Glacier National Park

Heading north out of Yellowstone we found ourselves in the vastness of Montana, our next stop, Glacier National Park. We got into the area at night and scored a free campsite an hour or so south of the park. We knew we only had 24-ish hrs to spend in the park so we set out early the next morning. After leaving our camper at a campsite in Glacier National Park, we headed up Going-to-the-Sun Road. For the rest of the day we excitedly traversed up and down both sides of the pass avoiding storms, chasing other storms, being blinded by fog/engulfed in clouds, exploring turnouts, and enjoying a new-to-us park that oh so many family and friends have recommended. Charlie's experience was a bit different as he mostly sat in the car besides getting to bark at a cardboard cut-out of goat at the visitor center atop Logan Pass. A few highlights of our time in Glacier NP include: the waterfalls (in July they were everywhere...), Wild Goose Island, sunset at Lake McDonald, and car-hiking through amazing terrain all day! 

I'll note that fog obscured some of the glacial masses the day we were there, but the sad reality is that the glaciers are mostly gone in Glacier NP. Not to inconvenient truth you, but ya...they just aren't near as prominent as they were a few decades ago. That's why we recommend the following: GO to Glacier National Park, and GO SOON!  The landscapes are really phenomenal and photos can't quite capture them like a first-hand experience.