Banff National Park // Jasper National Park // Yoho National Park // Kananaskis Country // Alberta, Canada

Everything's bigger in Texas must be referring to the state-triotic ego alone...Abbi and I didn't really know what to expect when we planned a trek to "evil communist Canada" all the way from the Texan Gulf Coast, but we had a hunch that perhaps Canada offered more than just high income taxes and socialism. So we set forth. 

Sure enough, the fear mongering was just that... What we discovered in the Canadian Rockies was truly inspiring. The sheer magnitude of the landscapes is incredible, overwhelming, and difficult to comprehend. We car hiked for hours on end, stopping for the cliche, but gnarly, instagram spots and wandering out into wilderness alike. Stealth camping in residential areas between days of jam packed exploring Waterton Lakes, Banff, Yoho, and Jasper National Parks did not disappoint. 

I Lol'ed for reals when I was talking to a woman in a gear shop in Canmore and she remarked "Oh ya, I forgot the rockies go all the way down to Colorado..." I mean, what a hysterical remark for a Texan's ears to hear! But the sentiment summarizes our realizations in the Canadian Rockies quite well, "everything is not bigger in Texas..." 

There is some bigger than Texas stuff out there, and this crew of Texan Refugees is going to seek it out. Stay tuned. We begin nommadness tomorrow morning!