ben + amelia in north cascades national park // washington

One of the huge highlights of our big Canada trip was getting to camp with my brother and his girlfriend in Washington! Ben is 8 years older than me, so while we come from a tight-knit family, I was always his kid sister growing up (I was in 4th grade when he went to college!) but it's been so fun to see how our relationship has developed now that we are both adults. He lives in Oregon, so we don't get to see each other as much as we'd like. Callen and I were so psyched when we realized Ben and his girlfriend, Amelia, would be in North Cascades National Park in Washington when we came through on this trip. Our time together was short but so refreshing and definitely left us wanting more. Once we are on the road full-time, we'll be spending a lot of time in the Pacific Northwest with these dudes!

I made Ben and Amelia pose for me in front of one of the many glorious lakes in the park and despite their protests ("We're so awkward! This pose is silly!!") I think we got some adorable shots :) It's always fun taking photos in situations like this with no pressure or expectations! Make sure you scroll to the end to see my adorable roadtrip attire - track pants, socks and chacos. Very fashionable.