Grand Teton National Park + Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We were so excited about finally seeing Jackson Hole/Grand Teton National Park on this trip and it did not disappoint! We ended up driving through Grand Teton near the end of the day and deciding to pop the camper and eat dinner as the sun set behind the Tetons. It was absolutely gorgeous. That night, we found a nearby campsite outside of the park with a great view of the mountains. I tried to wake up for sunrise, but despite my 5:30am alarm, I still missed it!! These northern summer sunrises are just not my thing. We spent the day in Jackson and really enjoyed walking around town, chatting with locals and catching up on work stuff. That evening we found ourselves in a gorgeous area a few miles outside of town with an amazing waterfall and our favorite hot springs yet. Callen posted up in the valley around dusk and got super lucky when a family of moose strolled by! They actually made their way to our campsite where I was editing photos in the car and they definitely startled me. I was thankful Charlie was asleep and clueless in the back :) 

We really enjoyed experiencing Jackson Hole and have definitely added it to our list of places we'd like to return to. The summer temperatures are perfect, it might just become our go-to location when the desert heat starts getting to us!