Yellowstone National Park // Wyoming

Honestly, going into this trip we had Grand Teton National Park high on our list (and it did not disappoint!) but Yellowstone was just something we felt like we had to see because we were out there. We love National Parks and it felt silly that we hadn't been to Yellowstone (I went with my family when I was 4, but I don't remember much!). We were kind of dreading it because we knew it'd be the most crowded National Park we visited (in case you haven't noticed, we prefer isolation...hince our love of BLM land). Anyway, we drove our route and arrived at a free campground (thank you outside of West Yellowstone late Friday night ready to hit Yellowstone the next day without realizing the horrible planning mistake we had made. Here's the thing. We are self-employed nomads. Sometimes we barely know what month it is, much less what day it is, so the fact that despite being "off" most weekdays of our lives, we somehow ended up in a car line waiting to get into the park around 10am on the second SATURDAY in JULY. We're idiots. Thankfully, Yellowstone is built for crowds and it truly was an amazing experience despite the insane amount of humans but I do feel I must not leave out the fact that we saw a kid on a HOVERBOARD on the boardwalk (like, one wrong step and you're in scalding hot geothermal features) with a selfie stick. Kids these days. 

All that aside, we truly loved our experience in Yellowstone. We were amazed by the beauty, the landscape, and the other-worldly feeling of the geothermal features! It's such a huge park and we definitely want to come back sometime when we can hike (we couldn't go far from the car this time because we had Charlie). We left the park intrigued and dreaming of a return trip - perhaps in the wintertime!!