rainy desert family session // sedona, arizona adventure photographer

desert family adventure session in sedona, arizona // adventure wedding photographer // www.abbihearne.com

As much as I love our adventures and exploring new places, I truly think my favorite thing about life on the road is the people we meet. We first met this rad family at Organ Pipe National Monument in southern Arizona, we started chatting with them because of their Ural, a rare motorcycle with a side-car that some of our best friends have too. We ended up connected over our love of adventure, photography, and how inspiring it was that they were doing all of this with their adorable three year old daughter, Kaya. We exchanged contact info and ended up re-connecting a few days later on their way through Sedona, so we threw together a last-minute family photo session! The rainy weather ended up being perfect for this rad, all-weather family. Kaya certainly stole the show, remembering Callen and I from a few days prior and treating us like her best friends immediately. She was so excited to show me their bike, her cool boots, and she loved looking at the photos on my camera as soon as I took them.

Honestly, a question we get a lot and something we discuss often is how our life will change when we have kiddos of our own. We've talked about the possibilities of living in a non-mobile home/apartment for a while to just getting a nicer mobile rig, to everything in between. That's probably still a long way off for us, but it's always enocuraging to meet brave parents adventuring with their kids! Kaya may not be in preschool right now, or getting early tutoring to make sure she aces standardized tests, but this girl is seeing and experiencing more of the world than most adults ever will. She's brave, extremely social, smart, and active, all qualities I hope our own kids have one day. We were so inspired by this rad family, and I really hope you are too! Also - could Kaya be any cuter?! What a doll.

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