Where to Stay for your elopement or adventure wedding in moab, utah


Finding lodging in Moab can seem intimidating if you’ve never been here before. Utah is known as the wild wild southwest, and there are a lot fo misconceptions about what it’s actually like out here! I’ve had people ask where we get groceries when we’re living in Moab, once someone even asked if my house was in a neighborhood or if we had built it in the middle of nowhere! Moab is a small town, but it IS a town, with common amenities and access to anything you might need! We have a City Market, multiple coffee shops, a few great reqtunruants, a brewery, and a plethora of hotels and lodging.

As adventure elopements become more popular, people are starting to learn that they can do things differently when they get married. At this point, if someone is booking with us, they’re well aware that they can break the norms for where they get married, how many people they invite, what they do on their wedding day, where they put their wedding budget, and so on, but there are still a few things we want to remind you of! For instance, when you travel to a new place, the natural tendency is to search hotels, find a place in town, or book with a chain resort that’s worked with you in the past. While that can be super convenient and consistent, I wanted to use this blog post to show a few unique options for lodging in Moab! Moab is such a quirky little desert town, and while it certainly has it’s fill in chain hotels and more traditional lodging options, there are some really unique gems among them — some right inside of town and some miles away seemingly in the middle of nowhere! I’m also writing these from a photography perspective, each of these places photograph really well and would be beautiful for wedding day getting ready photos, or a chill morning breakfast the day of your elopement, or a relaxing place to have a little take-out picnic between hikes. It’s also worth noting, prices vary for these places and I’m trying to include spots all along the scale!

While I’ve worked with a lot of these Moab lodging options, I am also including places I’ve come across but don’t have experience with, so if you have any thoughts to add please do! I will note, Moab has a highly competitive hotel/lodging market, so it’s pretty safe to assume anything that’s been around for a few years is pretty great. 


Under Canvas Moab

  • 14 minutes from downtown, 10 minutes from Arches entrance, 25 minutes from Canyonlands entrance

Under Canvas Moab is such a cool place to stay! It offers a really amazing “glamping” experience for people visiting Moab, and honestly feels like you’re staying in a safari (think Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams music video). It’s a great option for more adventurous couples that want to stay somewhere a bit more luxurious than the usual campground and tent. They have restrooms and showers, electricity, and most amenities of a hotel room with beautiful styling and amazing views of Arches National Park. Don’t miss their campfires and s’mores most nights!

Sorrel River Ranch

  • 30 minutes from downtown, 30 minutes from Arches, 55 minutes from Canyonlands

Sorrel is set in one of the most beautiful valleys near Moab, on the banks of the Colorado River and surrounded by iconic sandstone mesas and towers. It’s one of the most beautiful resorts we’ve seen — and the all-inclusive nature of it means you could spend your whole trip in/around Sorrel and still have a full Moab experience! They have a full-service spa on site, a high-end fitness center, and tons of guided activities available. They also offer on-site babysitting and pet-sitting! Bonus, the drive from Moab to Sorrel is one of the most beautiful drives we’ve ever done!

moab-utah-elopement-photographer-2 copy.JPG

Kokopelli Lodge

  • Walking distance from downtown, 15 minutes from Arches, 40 minutes from Canyonlands

Kokopelli Lodge is a great option for places to stay in town! This place is definitely more budget friendly, but still such a cool property, just a few blocks from downtown. We’ve had a few couples stay here in the past and they all had great things to say — plus we love their hot tub 😜

Red Cliffs Lodge

  • 30 minutes from downtown, 30 minutes from Arches, 55 minutes from Canyonlands

This is a great option if you want the beautiful setting of Sorrel River Ranch without the resort-like amenities (and the price tag they bring)! Red Cliffs Lodge is nearby, also set in the beautiful valley along the river, and you stay in cute little cabins! The setting out here is absolutely gorgeous, and a fun perk — they have a live webcam so you can check the weather, or feel transported back to Moab after your trip!

Talking Mountain Yurts

  • Location and distance varies by season

These yurts are absolutely amazing! They move locations between summer and winter, and while most of the summer locations are drive up, the winter locations are only accessible by snowshoeing or cross country skiing! We did a ski trip out to one of the yurts with some friends last winter and it was such a blast. Most people think of Moab as a desert destination, but you’d be amazing by the back country skiing and winter adventure options if you’re willing to put in the effort (no lifts here!). In the summer, these yurts are a great option for cooler temperatures and mountain vibes when the desert is baking at a cool 100 degrees.


Find a Unique AirBnB

Honestly, our first place we look anytime we’re traveling somewhere new is AirBnB! We love the unique places you can find there, and because they’re being rented by individuals, the pricing is typically more competitive than the typical lodging! We also love that it means interacting with and supporting a local. Here are a few AirBnB listings in Moab I think look amazing:


  • Pretty indoor and outdoor styling, convenient location, and holy cow that gorgeous sauna!!


  • This large house would be perfect for an intimate wedding where all your guests could gather in one place. I love that it’s well out of town, and in one of my favorite valleys ever!


  • Another awesome location, and this yurt is so cute!! I could see sunrise coffee photos, or a chill sunset dinner with portraits right on the property. Those views are to die for!


  • These are so cute! I love the rooftop deck and the colorful property.


  • Great light on the inside (perfect for getting ready photos), convenient location, and a really pretty exterior for portraits!


  • I love the tiny-home feel, this would be super cute for photos out front and in the yard!


I’ll be sure to update this blog post as I discover new lodging locations in Moab, or find cool AirBnB listings that stand out to me! I hope this was helpful, whether you’re planning a trip to Moab just for fun, or you’re eloping out here!

If you’ve found this blog post by looking for lodging in Moab, Utah and you’ve never heard to adventure elopements — hey there! I’m Abbi Hearne…it’s great to meet you! My husband Callen and I live in Moab half of the year (we just got a house this past February after three years on the road full time!). We absolutely love the Moab area and are so thankful to call it home. We are adventure elopement photographers, and we help couples have the epic adventure wedding of their dreams. If you’re planning to get married, or know someone who might be interested in an adventure wedding, feel free to look around our site and reach out to us with any questions you have!