Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

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maggie + gary's adventure engagement session in grand teton national park | jackson hole, wyoming wedding photographer

Ohhh my goodness where do I even start with these two. From the moment we met up with them for pre adventure session dinner at Dornan’s Pizza and they assured us “they have their pizza order dialed” and then proceeded to order plain cheese (???) to our hugs goodbye a hour after the sun went down and we all chatted in camp chairs as the full moon rose, we were pretty much constantly in stitches laughing until we cried. Our adventure engagement session with them was basically two hours of dogs playing (Charlie and Luke are best friends forever), The Office references (including Maggie and Gary literally acting out my favorite scene in the show…you’ll know when you get to the photos)…(ok hint…”STANLEY BARACK IS PRESIDENT”), and everyone marveling at how majestic the Tetons are. We made sure to pick a spot outside of the National Park boundary so the dogs could run freely, but the views of the Teton range were just as impressive as the viewpoints in the park!

While all of the dog-loving, Office-referencing, complicated pizza order details were super fun about these two, I think the best part is why they were in the Tetons in the first place. While in between jobs, they decided to take off on an epic three-month road trip across the western US (their first time out here!!) with almost no experience camping, road tripping, etc. They just went for it. And they’re absolutely rocking it! We’ve loved chatting with them about road life, the challenges of keeping a dog alive in the middle of the summer, the constant fear of bears in Wyoming and Montana, the ease of eating out but feeling gross about it, and the fun of waking up in a new place every day despite the logistical junkshow that your life has become 😂. If you want to laugh your butt off as some genuine moments of life on the road, definitely follow @lukegoeswest on instagram. Their stories are hilarious.

Seriously though, we’ve made friends for life with these two and are so thankful that our job connects us to couples like them. We can’t wait to see what they do next, and hopefully we’ll see them on the road again soon. Normal life is overrated anyway ;)

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